About us

Opinion Shoppers is associated with over 40 years of experience conducting insightful shoppers studies, using innovative technologies to unearth the Voice of the Customers on the Point of Sale, Point of Experience, aka. Point of Emotion. Our team is made of research-literate, industry-specific, multi-lingual specialists in market research and shoppers insights.

Thru our journey, we understood that time was of the essence for your customers, and that traditional exit surveys were more and more difficult and intrusive. Online follow up surveys sent the next day or so do not work as they do not grasp what your customers truly experienced. Likewise for payment receipts inviting customers to go to a website, enter a code to take a survey…Who has the time for that? :).

Only in-the-moment surveys can gather top-of-mind feedback, and what a  better moment and tool than the time of payment on the payment terminal itself? None! That is how and why Opinion Shoppers came to life! And to make it even more convenient, we have also created a mobile version which does not require and app downloads, or registrations for your customers, with a user-friendly and inviting interface.

In other words, we are not developers who woke up one day with a start-up idea! We are researchers, entrepreneurs, who are experts in Marketing Research, and more particularly experts at the Voice of the Customers throughout the process.